The world is not big enough.
Try the virtual world.
try vr

Capture your most memorable and adventurous experiences in a world that you have never experienced before. Break free in a reality without limits. Be where ever you want to be, be who ever you want to be.

Why Virtual reality?

Many games

With many games available to play including the most popular beat saber, you can unleash a new gaming experience.

A bit of magic

Experience simulations that you could never before such as the titanic sinking and the first moon landing.

Great for bonding

Want to try a new activity that for certain many haven't tried before? VR is a good way to have with your friends

Great for small birthdays

We can currently have 1 system that can accomodate upto 4 people an hour or 6 people for 2 hours.
Where only 1 person plays at a time.

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